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There is no secret, your business in this era requires a strong digital marketing strategy.


This involves having a modern and updated web design, search engine optimization, an easy user experience and content strategy.



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Our Mission Is Your Vision Idea Project Goal

The internet has provided us with near limitless knowledge, opportunities and possibilities.

Yet to stand out from the noise and competition, it can seem at times confusing and challenging.

We can assist.

Our priority is to provide the necessary solutions to your business. Together we will:

  • Bring your ideas to life with the services on offer.
  • Every project is unique and requires careful consideration and a personal touch.
  • Reach your business goals sooner rather than later.


Your vision is only a few steps away.

Leapfrog your competition with perfectly fitted services for all your digital needs.

Why You Should Consider Using A Freelancer

1. Care and Attention

With Audax Designs all of our clients receive our dedicated attention and care. We do not compromise on the quality of our services and we actively seek to work based on the needs of your business. 

No one knows your project like you do!

2. Flexibility

The advantage of using a freelance digital marketing service is the flexibility it can provide to your company. 

At Audax Designs we’re aware of the limitations of the economy and are happy to provide our services at the pace you require.

3. Cost

The best reason to consider Audax Designs is our competitive cost for the quality of service and products we offer. 

Your project and business deserve the opportunity to grow in the digital sphere and we want to assist. 

Freelance Digital Marketing Action PLan

See the latest web designs created for businesses located in Portugal and the search engine optimisation projects that we have worked on.

Discover how we designed an Online Furniture Shop with over 2000 products and several bespoke services to increase traffic, facilitate management and improve the user experience.
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