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Modern Web Design Service

The increasing demand of digital products and services are pushing the limits of what you can host on your website.


At Audax Designs, using the best tools available, we can give your clients an easy to use, fast and enjoyable experience with modern and unique websites.

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Responsive Websites

Nearly 60% of website searches are performed on a mobile device. Your project’s design can no longer ignore the importance of a great mobile experience.

By optimising your website for mobile, your business can benefit from improvements in search engine performance, a customer friendly interface and you can get a significant advantage on your competitors.

Personalised Web Designs

Throw out the copy cat templates and generic website builders and bring your idea and vision to life.

Give your project that personal touch that is so important to stand out from your competitors.

Have a design tailored to your brand, optimising your customers’ experience and make your project search engine friendly.

Make a lasting impression to your audience.

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What You Can Expect

Streamlined Process

A tried and proven method to publish the perfect digital version of your project.


Communication, transparency, quality and efficiency are key to creating a customised and professional web design service. 

Powerful Tools

Your vision deserves the best tools on the market.


Using these programs and software ensures that your website is modern, fast and can perform at its best. 

Competitive Pricing

At Audax-Designs we believe in assisting businesses launch their online presence in a fair and competitive way. 

Based on your individual needs and what you want from your website we have established the following competitive pricing range.

  • Information Based Websites Starting from: €700.00

    These include portfolios, blogs, guides that do not require frequent changes.

  • E-Commerce Websites Starting from: €850.00

    Sell your products/services with ease and style with our custom made websites.

  • Dynamic Websites Starting from: €1000.00

    Manage bookings, appointments, properties simply with our dynamic style websites.

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